6 hours agoOlathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
I can pick up any evening
23-May-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
Needing an old but working mower for my 67 yo mother in law. She is on a fixed income and can not afford one. If you jave upgraded and have one just sitting around please let me know.
22-May-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
daycare sized stroller needed
16-May-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
I just graduated Highschool and I'm looking to buy some Magic cards. I'm trying to make/save money for college so I'm hoping to be able to buy some collections cheap. If you have an old collection let me know and I'll make an offer.
17-May-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
Random request: does anyone have 1 or 2 metal lunchboxes that I could use for a project? I intend to repurpose these for toy storage.
15-May-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
If you have one you are not needing, I need a Nokia 928 cellphone (for parts or working)
6-May-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
Wanting large pots/planters to use for wedding
22-Apr-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
no taller than 38" .
17-Apr-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
looking for a decent guitar for my grand daughter
14-Apr-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for 2x4s, cabinets, Plywood, pallets, shiplap type material. Whatever you have please let me know! Doing some home renovation and could use materials! Thank you!
2-Apr-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for church hymnal no longer being used.for crafts.
2-Apr-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
Collecting Easter baskets, grass and small plush for baskets for next year. Women's Aux. group makes baskets to give away at food pantry in Olathe and these will be saved for next year.
1-Apr-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
My daughters laptop for school was recently stolen and I do not have the money to get another one and she is not old enough to go to the Library while I am at work by myself and since my dad is handicap can not accompany her. Anything that is functioning will work, prefer to be Apple or Windows 10 but we can make anything work. Thank you in advance and god bless.
25-Mar-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a basketball goal to put outside for the neighborhood kids to play with. I live at the end of a culdesac and there's a bunch of kids including my 4 too. just trying to find a a standard stand alone decent conditon Basketball hoop/goal. I can replace the net and pick it up. Thanks for your help!
24-Mar-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a cooler for a project. Not worried about condition just needs to be functional.
9-Mar-2018Olathe, KS(8 miles)Items Wanted
Have an all wood doll house that I would like to decorate. I remember my mom doing one of these using an old wall paper sample book.
26-Feb-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
Anyone have a PetSafe Wireless Invisible fence for dogs they no longer use? I have collar but the main / plug in transmitter is needed. Thanks!
25-Feb-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hello! I am looking for any wedding items that you re willing to part with. Thank you for your assistance and help!
16-Feb-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
I just moved into an apartment and have no furnishings. Let me know what you have to offer.
28-Jan-2018Shawnee, KS(18 miles)Items Wanted
My son just outgrew his shoes over night. I am really needing size 5 or 6, especially dress shoes.
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